Welcome to my Wiki!  This is a developing repository of unit plans and projects that I do with my MYP Technology students.  I am happy to share.  If you find my work helpful, have any suggestions for how I could improve things or you are interested in collaborating on a project or unit, I would love to hear from you.

At the heart of my technology program is the Design Cycle or Design Process.  This offers a systematic, iterative approach to design where we conduct research, collect feedback and test our products against a list of Design Specifications and make appropriate modifications at each step.  The MYP program offers a useful model of the Design Cycle (below) although there have been a number of changes to the program in recent years that are not yet visible in the available graphics.

I try to introduce my students to a variety of models to help them understand the underlying principle.  We discuss similarities and differences and why one might be more appropriate than another for a given task.  Here are a few that I like: